Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Most Beautiful Time of the Year

March Madness, warm weather, baseball, and Easter. Does it get any better? Shrieks and laughter have once again returned to the cul-de-sac, and what music to my ears? Our kids have rekindled the love of playing baseball in the street. Amazingly without umpires, rulebooks, or scoreboards, the kids managed to participate in America’s pastime this week. As I tossed the ball back to one of our neighborhood moms, I was quickly transported back to simpler times growing up in a small village where we knew how to play and entertain ourselves. I am thankful that God has brought my family to a community that not just plays, but plays outdoors. To hear the sounds, smell the smells, and see the sights where nature and progress blend to form the perfect place to hit homeruns, score goals, and make baskets. In a matter of minutes, my kids actually threw balls, swung bats, rode bikes, climbed trees and chased one another. As if they had built up energy and dreams all winter long waiting for the green light to run into the streets to find there way through play. Without texting or tweeting, the other kids mysteriously knew the time had come. All of them shedding winter for spring in a simultaneous instant. As this day came to an end, Asher began to whine and fuss saying, “he did not want to go in.” I attempted to comfort him with the promise of days to come, and no doubt there will be other days to play, but I empathize with him knowing that the enthusiasm and thrill of the first time out will be hard to duplicate. One thing is certain, however, it sure will be fun trying. On that note, I better go and finish filling out my bracket because tomorrow afternoon when the kids get home we will participate in Americas other great pastime – watching television, but not just any television - March Madness.